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"Refrigerator Art" Marketing for Real Estate Professionals
Click Here To Create Your Own Refrigerator Art Pages Now!   ITS FREE!

What is "Refrigerator Art" Marketing?
"Refrigerator Art Marketing" may sound like a funny name, but the concept is a unique twist on an old "tried and true" marketing idea... advertising on refrigerator doors! Advertising on refrigerator doors is not a new concept. Thousands of companies regularly purchase advertising magnets to give away to their customers and prospects (whom they hope will put them on their refrigerator). Refrigerator Art marketing is a similar concept with a little different (and far less expensive) approach.

Many home buyers and sellers frequently bring their children along with them when meeting with their real estate professional. Most real estate professionals know that sometimes this can spell disaster for trying to get a real estate deal done. However by simply providing a few sheets of paper and some crayons, you can head off disaster and gain a lot of promotional ground at the same time.

This is where "refrigerator art" marketing comes in. "Refrigerator Art" pages are simply coloring pages for children, however each page will ALSO contain your name, company information, phone number, etc. at the bottom of the sheet along with a personal message from you. Often these coloring pages (along with your company information) will end up on the refrigerator door at your client's home (and this is a great place to be seen!). Real estate professionals who thoughtfully bring along fun activities for the children accomplish several positive things:
  • The children's art (with YOUR name and phone number on it, of course) will frequently be displayed on the refrigerator door (or other area) of your client's home. This puts your name in front of the client/prospect constantly.... and even if they don't consciously think about it, they are looking at your information every time they open the refrigerator door.

  • Parents will be better able to concentrate on the real estate information that you are presenting to them when their children are happily occupied. This is a good thing.

  • You (the thoughtful and caring real estate professional) are displaying an interest in your client's family. This goes a LONG way toward client loyalty.

"Refrigerator Art" Marketing is very easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is print refrigerator art pages with your name and information on the bottom and keep them with you (just as you would keep business cards with you). You can easily print multiple copies of your pages, or you can take your art pages to a copy machine to make multiple copies (many office supply stores offer inexpensive printing services). Be sure to keep crayons (washable non-toxic) to give out along with your refrigerator art pages. Miniature packages of crayons are inexpensive and can be ordered online or purchased at many wholesale discount stores. Be sure to add a sticker with your name and company information on the crayon box!

And most of all.... HAVE FUN!
Click Here To Create Your Own Refrigerator Art Pages Now!

Article written and provided by Total Real Estate Solutions

Total Real Estate Solutions is one the largest publishers of free tools and business building resources for real estate professionals. Included in their offerings are these fun and easy-to-use tools to create your own Refrigerator Art Marketing pages. You can easily create pages customized with your company information and then simply print the pages to create your own "Refrigerator Art" pages.
Click Here To Create Your Own Refrigerator Art Pages Now!

Permission to reprint this article is granted by Total Real Estate Solutions provided that all author credits (including all links) remain intact. If you have questions regarding this article, please direct them to info@totalrealestatesolutions.com

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